Top-3 Most Popular Programming Languages

Whether you are a naive developer or advancing your career in software development, you must know which program language is in trend and the go-to choice of the most successful developers in the market. That means if you are going to invest your energy and time learning a new programming language, you should ensure that a particular language is high in demand and will be helpful in the future.

Even though there are many programming languages used by developers, companies, and other e-commerce businesses that focus on operating their business through websites. So, if you are looking for the best programming language, we have curated a list of top-3 programming languages that are more commonly used to ensure better work.

  1. JavaScript 

JavaScript is among the most used programming languages for game development, web development, building web servers, and mobile apps. With over 69% of worldwide usage, it is the most sought-out programming language considered by hiring managers while conducting interviews.

That means you should learn this programming language if you want to succeed in this cut-throat competition. Not to mention, JavaScript is mainly used to handle the behavior of website pages. That means programmers can structure and add dynamic elements like clickable buttons, interactive maps, animated graphics, and many more.

Developers who utilize JavaScript, CSS, and HTML in tandem can better control the website and improve user experience through readability and navigation. That’s why most companies often consider hiring a Javascript development company for handling the up-time of their website while making it look more interactive.

The best thing is that it is pretty easy to learn and widely used for developing web pages and other programming requirements. Above all, you don’t need any prior knowledge associated with coding. You can start learning and practice to learn it quickly.

  1. Python 

Python is a programming language that enables developers to incorporate different programming styles, such as reflective, object-oriented, functional, etc., while developing a program. You would be amazed to know that several digital platforms and tools are programmed and developed using Python, such as iRobot machines, Google search, and YouTube.

It is the next important thing considered by most companies before hiring a programming company or developer. Python is perfect for naive developers and professionals to advance their coding skills. The best thing is that its extensive library helps you align with the requirements of everyday tasks and commands.

  1. HTML

HyperText markup language or HTML is one of the easiest programming languages to learn. This programming language is mainly used for formatting the information on the website. That means whatever information you want on your website is formatted through HTML. It is also used to describe the information on the website using ordinary texts.

Even though it differs in functionality when compared to other programming languages as it is responsible for structuring the text on a web page. It means links, headings, sections, paragraphs are all structured using an HTML program.

These are the top three leading programming languages that are in demand and used for almost every task and program.