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Our goal is to create an influential digital content channel in the electronics and consumer electronics industry. We started our journey 10 years ago, and in 2015 we had our first content, having a webcam for a PC and a dynamic camera with which we shot the first videos. Since then, a lot has changed and our activities have expanded.


Globally, digitalization is a concept of economic activity based on the introduction of digital technologies in various areas of life and production. And this concept is widely used in all countries without exception.

Technologies Scale

Digitalization technologies have been successfully implemented in World in recent years. But if the process was launched a long time ago, then why do we not see its scale? It’s simple: one of the indicators of successful global digitalization is open information that changes social, political, and business processes.

Why is it needed

To begin with, let’s divide our life into components. We are all dependent on the efficiency of the government, we buy goods and services online and offline, communicate and use information. Digitalization simplifies all of these processes.

In Households

The digitalization of households for the majority has long been understandable and familiar. And we are not talking about some fancy and expensive systems like a “smart” home – even an ordinary multicooker with Wi-Fi control, which many have, is a vivid example of digitalization of the household. Many people often use another digital system – signaling.


Industrial digitalization is a reduction in the monotonous physical labor of a person, the organization and control of labor and production processes, as well as ensuring the safety of company employees. Let’s say a simple worker goes to his place to the machine, but for some reason, the siren turns on, and the employee himself is notified of a safety violation.

Smart systems

Smart systems use machine vision to identify defective parts, while video surveillance monitors safety regulations. The same systems are used in non-manufacturing companies and even in small offices.

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E-Mail Communication Sucks. Top Alternatives To E-Mail

In earlier times, when you need to do any professional communication, then you have to use email. But emails are highly complicated and a complete mess. Back then, it was so hard to communicate with your professional network because of email. Now all the email management tools are evolved, and you do not have to deal with them anymore. No more Messy emails and business communication at all because now you have faster and easier ways.


You can have a professional communication weather network by using these tools. Some might be thinking that email was the only way to do professional communication, and no one can replace it. However, there are tons of alternative presents that you can use instead of email. They will help you to organize your schedule and manage your work more precisely. If you are in search of those alternatives, then you can check out various alternatives provided below.




Proofhub is project management software that will minimize the mess of forwarding and replying to emails. In businesses, you have to share files and collect the feedback of customers, which was highly tiring through emails, but now you can easily collect feedback without consuming a lot of time and going through any perplexing procedure. This will also provide you storage where you can keep your important files and can access them whenever you need them.




Yammer is a great alternative for email and is highly recommended for professional work. Because this will help the organization connect from distinct places and help you make quick decisions, one can easily enhance the productivity of their business or organization by using yammer instead of email.


You can also add whatsapp chat to website to show that the visitors can start their conversation without looking for email or any other way of communication. Yammer will help you to eliminate the repetition of work that is mostly collected by emails and increase the productivity of your work.


Google Hangouts


If you are working in the corporate sector, then you might be aware of the features provided by Google Hangouts. This is a communication platform provided by Google through which you can do messaging and video chat. This is the best alternative that you can use against traditional email methods.


In professional networking, you always need to do conversation in both voice and video types. That is the reason Google Hangouts are more impressive for professional people. One can make their experience better by using the facilities of communication and conversation. You are free to share messages and links with individuals and start a group video call from any device.


Wrap up

You can see various alternatives that can offer you the services of email. For example, when your sole purpose is to offer better business communication, you can add whatsapp chat to website. The Live chat option will be an attention-seeking point for people. Many superb alternatives are offered because email is no more convenient and accessible for ordinary people and business persons.

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